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Declaration of Criminal Record

If the answer above is YES, please disclose details of your offence and conviction, including dates and courts convicted at. You  may submit this information along with your application form in a separate sealed envelope clearly  mentioned confidential with your name on it. 

If you are convicted of a criminal offence after your application has been submitted, you must notify us.  Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd may request further disclosure from you. 

Medical Detail

At Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd, all offers are made on academics grounds only and the information you submit will be used to help us to provide you appropriate support. We encourages you to disclose any disability/medical condition which could disadvantage your ability to study.
(For e.g Serious illness, physical disorder, etc)

If the answer above is YES, please provide the details of your medical condition in the text box below. 

Personal Statement/ Additional Information

The objective of the personal statement is for Polytechnics Mauritius to learn about you. Your past experience (if any), strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, anything you are passionate about and future plans after completion of your desired programme.

Declaration of Applicant

I, the undersigned applicant hereby declare that the above information is true and accurate.

(If applicant is under 18)

Note: Please attach photocopies of your birth certificate(new format), national identity card, educational  and technical qualifications and any other related documents. All information will be treated confidentially.
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